The people who make the food we supply to you are typically small family business people. Some of our producers see their grandparents working alongside their grandchildren passing on the knowledge and the traditions.

Most are artisanal. Some are modern. Some blend modern facilities using traditional techniques and recipes. Some still make their food just like they did generations ago. Our job is continually to search the country and the globe to find people like them, whose products we consider to be good enough to sit on our shelves.

Our role is to support their production by delivering their food to you in the peak of its condition, to connect you with their story and how best to use and serve their products. Some producers are experts at making the food itself and prefer to leave the storage and delivery to us, as that is our strength.

The flow of information is reciprocal. Our producers love to hear how their food is being enjoyed in restaurants, delis and homes around Australia and take careful note of the feedback we send back from our customers.