How we work

We only stock the food we think is going to bring value to our customers. To do this we are constantly searching for new products. We collect and curate a huge variety of salume and charcuterie, cheese and dairy, smoked and cured fish, and pickled and brined foods.

To do this our team gathers a large range of foods then sits down and tastes them. We ignore branding, artwork and packaging and focus on tangible quality, we assess products on visual appeal, aroma, texture and flavour. We then spend a great deal of time making a short list and then a final cut. Next we take a look at each item’s value and work out how they will perform in the kitchen, on the restaurant dining table and in the deli display. We reject far more products than we ever accept into our range. Sometimes we work with producers to fine tune a product to suit the needs of our customers. All the products that we accept in the range are stored and transported in a manner that sees them arrive at your business in optimum condition.

We know the world is hungry for great food stories. Our producers are all quite amazing people and all with a unique story to tell. There are no secrets when it comes to passing on the stories, experience and information of our producers to our customers. We want you to be part of their story. The team at Savour and Grace have all been in the food business for a long time so we have the know how to connect you to products that will give your customers a unique experience at a food cost that’s right for your business. Being a small team means we can act fast, look after our customers in our friendly manner, keep our eye on the details making sure you get what you need, when you need it, every time.

The questions we are constantly asking ourselves are, ‘how can we add value to your business?’ and ‘what can we do to help you and your business succeed?’.