Harris Smokehouse

Adam Harris is a fourth generation Fish Smoker based in Hahndorf South Australia. Harris Smokehouse is the type of company we love to support at Savour and Grace. Family owned, artisan producers with a consistent focus on innovation and quality.

What’s unique and special about what you produce?
It is produced to be amazing as we know how, costed, then sold.There is no compromise at any stage, so our product must be consistently amazing.

Whats your favorite product and why?
The smoked octopus, as I know how hard it is to get right consistently, and I love eating charred food on the bbq and the smoking process just adds to the flavor dimensions.

What motivates you to do what you do?
To change the way our country and planet eats and understands the food we consume, to educate people about what smoked salmon really is.

What’s one of your most memorable food experiences?
Eating smoked salmon off the slicing machine when everything has just worked perfectly in the production batch, the flavor balance and experiences something else.

What are you looking forward to in the future?
Consumers and customers that challenge everything they eat, wanting to know where its come from etc. It is that marketplace that producers like us that put ethics and product quality over money where we will be ultimately successful.