There is a saying that goes, “There is nothing that draws people together like good food”. That is one of the core beliefs we share at Savour and Grace.

We are a small team of people who work and live food. Good food. Food that nourishes the body and nurtures the soul. Food that embodies the traditional skills and the values they convey. The type of food that we seek out – well made, mostly artisanal, we believe helps people reconnect to a simpler, slower age. When people had time to ferment, cure and preserve their own cheese, fish and salume. Enjoying these foods together in a relaxed environment creates memorable moments and brings pleasure.

And this is for everyone. The foods we gather in our business are often best in class, but are affordable. Affordable luxuries for people who love great food. Because we know you are what you eat.

In delivering small batch preserved and fermented foods to our customers, together we are helping small producers remain profitable therefore continuing their traditional skills. These are skills that are based on the seasonality of food. Cheese, salume, cured olives, for example, are all ways of preserving the best produce of the season to enjoy all year round. We admire this way of thinking, when the seasonal surplus is preserved and nothing is wasted.

And as you can probably tell, we love nothing more than sharing our respect and admiration for the people who make these foods. We want to help you tell the world about their stories and share the amazing collection of food we have curated. In the end the focus is on the food, it’s on you and what you do with that food. We are proud to be working quietly behind the scenes to help you.